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Information about Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center  

In 2008, a group of longtime pro-life leaders met together for a time of prayer and discussion.  Some of them had been in the pro-life battle even before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, having seen God use their efforts to impact Congress and the White House, with teeming multitudes being mobilized to take public action against abortion.

While praising God for the countless hearts changed and lives saved, the group shared a sober realization: the ongoing Abortion Holocaust threatened the very existence of our nation.  After developing Fundamental Principles to define their efforts, the group focused upon identifying the best strategies to change the tide in this long struggle.  When equipping pastors and churches for effective pro-life ministry became the key point of consensus, a group called the Church Task Force was formed.

The Church Task Force soon settled upon the benefits of using video and Internet technology to reach pastors.  Video producer Ken Miller, after being asked to help the Church Task Force, sensed God giving him the powerful testimony now presented in the Dear Pastor video.

Thankful for how God had answered prayer by providing the Dear Pastor video, the pastors and lay leaders collaborating with the Church Task Force recognized that this video would only reach its full potential if other complimentary resources were developed and packaged together.  A long process of research to identify the best resources for pastors and churches began, and the Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center was eventually developed as a result.  The research and development for this effort is ongoing, as we recognize the need to constantly update our resources to provide the best tools for pastors and churches.  New Church Task Force members are joining with us to maximize these efforts. 

mosesWhile pastors cannot always be "in the trenches" on the front lines of the abortion battle where babies are being killed every day, the importance of pastors in the success of pro-life efforts is unquestionable.  In Exodus 17, God called Moses to lift up his hands while the people of Israel engaged in hand-to-hand conflict.  Although Moses was not on the battlefield, his faithful obedience to the role God had given him was the key to victory.  But by himself, Moses could not be faithful to what God had called him to do.  So Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses, holding up his hands until God granted the final victory.

We see Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center as a God-given tool to help you, pastor, to continue holding up your hands over our nation as together we battle for the lives of innocent children and their mothers.  What can we do to help you be more faithful to God's calling in this monumental struggle?

“When leaders lead in Israel,
When the people willingly offer themselves, 
Bless the LORD!”
- Judges 5:2