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 It is our hope that it will significantly aid your efforts to gather information about the eminently grave Abortion Holocaust that grips America and the Western nations. As you likely realize, abortion's death toll far surpasses the Jewish Holocaust, and steps to end the killing rest foremost with us the church, under pastoral leadership. Thus, the duty of this site is to ably assist you in every way possible.

If you came here because you are presently confronted with an urgent abortion-related situation, please use the search box to quickly access information on the specific subject you are facing.

How may a pastor use this site effectively?

If you have not already viewed our DVD, we suggest that you take a few minutes to view some of our original videos available here, beginning with our five-minute "Dear Pastor" video. This dramatic presentation is followed by actual testimonies of those who have been caught in the abortion trap. Pastors Francis Anfuso and Dr. Al Howard candidly share the personal impact of abortion among pastors, while revealing how God transforms congregations when pastors experience transparent repentance from abortion's bloodguilt.

Next we suggest that you access the  "7 Steps to a More Pro-Life Church" and then Take a Tour of this website to see what else we have to offer.

Briefly about this site

This unique site has been developed with an acute understanding that time is a precious and limited commodity for pastors. It is our belief that increasing pastors' level of knowledge and passion on life-and-death issues will be profoundly effective in ending the Abortion Holocaust and securing freedom for the abortion-oppressed in their churches, communities and beyond.

Hundreds of topics are covered here, as we have endeavored to make this website a comprehensive catalog of abortion-related subjects. Many of the resources are provided by links to other pro-life ministries. We have sought to organize and prioritize the best resources available to help you quickly find the information you seek from day to day.

Although the Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center is a result of years of collaborative effort from a dedicated group of pro-life leaders and pastors, it is still in its early stages, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve its effectiveness. Because we highly value your opinion as a pastor, we hope that you will complete our contact form so that we may provide you with information on new resources as they become available, in addition to receiving your insights and suggestions.

Our concern for you

We realize that abortion can be an overwhelming issue for a pastor. We seek to help you as you engage both the broad range of the Abortion Holocaust and the individual impact of abortion-related dilemmas faced by those you shepherd.

Whether you have long been involved in battling the scourge of abortion or if abortion has been but a tangential issue for you, it is our prayer that this website will help you advance mercy and justice for the unborn child, for without life all else is meaningless.

We hope that today will be the beginning of an ongoing fruitful relationship between us, and that you will find yourself returning here often to further navigate the challenging waters of the culture of death as we pursue together the Gospel of Life. If you wish, please tell us about yourself and provide your comments.

May God bless you greatly to His glory as you pursue His high calling in your church, community, and nation.