Pastor Al Howard

(An excerpt of a testimony shared on the Dear Pastor DVD.)

On a cold and rainy morning, Pastor Al Howard (founder of His Nesting Place Ministries) responded to the voice of the Lord calling him to intercede outside an abortion facility.  Standing on the sidewalk, he came face-to-face with a young woman who tried to get past him, saying "I have an appointment."

"If you do this, there is another appointment you will have to face one day," Pastor Howard responded.  After he got down on his knees in the rain, the woman's heart eventually changed.

Years later, a mother brought her little boy to the front of the church.  "He looked up into my eyes and said 'I wanted to come here today to thank you for saving my life.'  When he said those words, his mother lost it, the church lost it, I lost it, we were all reduced to tears."

"What if I hadn't obeyed God on that rainy, cold morning?"

When Pastor Howard was speaking at another church, nobody responded to his altar call until the pastor's wife came forward to make a shocking confession.   "As she was beginning to speak," Pastor Howard recalled, "others in the church began to stand on their feet... it went on like that for an hour!  People began to hug each other and to pray for each other, and the atmosphere was just infused with the Spirit of God."

"Because of the transparency of this pastor and his wife, what they feared the most evaporated in a moment of time," Pastor Howard explained.  "They were doing exactly what they always should have done.  They simply should have trusted the Lord and shared that with the congregation because once they did that then revival broke out and other people were beginning to be set free."

These testimonies and more are included on the Dear Pastor DVD.