Pastor Fred Fies ministering outside FPA abortion chamberAs messengers of God, pastors are given the sacred trust of declaring the truth. We must take up the cause of the unfortunate and unheard--as Jesus called them, the "least of these" (Matthew 25:31-46). With this in mind, I sought an opportunity as a pastor to get involved in pro-life ministry.

Locally there is one abortion clinic and so I decided to lend a hand on the sidewalk of the local Family Planning Associates, lovingly convincing young ladies to choose life for their babies.

Many pastors in my community (Bakersfield, CA) may not be aware that every week 30-40 babies have their lives taken at the hand of abortion doctors. Many are also not aware that we see 1-4 young ladies turn around each week and keep their babies. Some choose adoption and others to raise the child themselves. What a rewarding work! Our church has hosted baby showers for these would-be mothers and shared in the excitement when they give birth to their baby (or babies, as the case was with a mother we helped who had twins). We give them support to make the decision they already know is right.

On one such occasion, a young lady was seeking to put her child up for adoption. Another pastor who is a friend of mine had told me that he and his wife were seeking a child to adopt after having two of their own. I learned of this opportunity through Terri Palmquist, a local pro-life ministry leader, who immediately worked as a liaison between the mother and the prospective parents. By God's grace, this connection was made and now the child will grow up in a loving home knowing God.

I encourage Bible-believing pastors and Christians to get involved in this rewarding work. We cannot measure our involvement by society's opinion of the issue of abortion, but rather by the rightness of the cause. Join us in saving the lives of children, who God could use to save the souls of men. Maybe the next D.L. Moody or Billy Graham will be lost without our intervention. It is something to consider.

Frederic B. Fies
Pastor of McKee Road Baptist Church
Bakersfield, CA