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Pastoral Counseling for Pregnant Women and Girls: 20 Talking Points

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[NOTE: What is said in defense of preborn human life may not be as vital as the earnestness with which it is said. We must be kind, care deeply, and value tough love when it is needed. At issue is the life or death of a preborn child in desperate need of a loyal defender—a child fully as deserving as a seven-year-old.]


1. The humanity of the preborn child is incontrovertible (beyond scientific dispute). The child is a person, a human being, a citizen with legal rights (but not the right to save its life). At conception (fertilization), when only one cell, all DNA is present (inside the single cell is sufficient information to fill 1000 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica), and nothing is added thereafter. Only time, food, and a place of residence are required for the child’s growth. Its body will change throughout its lifetime.

2. Abortion is hardly complex. Its intent and purpose are to end the life of a preborn boy or girl. To hire someone to abort a child is to hire someone to kill a child.

3. Abortion betrays Holy Scripture, grieves God, and imposes serious spiritual loss. God opens and closes the womb as He purposes, and He intends each child for good (a “gift,” a “blessing”), notwithstanding the parents’ sin. Like unto criminal rape, abortion is a violent act against an innocent victim whose human worth is discounted entirely.

4. Abortion poses serious health risks for both mothers (over 100 such risks are of record) and for Preborns in future pregnancies (over 100 such risks are confirmed).

5. Viable options to abortion are available—options that are God honoring, practical, and affordable. Adoption is truly “a loving option,” as is a mother’s use of a shepherding home.

6. Abortion is irreversible, lasts forever, and prompts on-going memory of itself through would-have-been birthdays, youth scenes, and many other child age-related reminders.

7. An abortion does not and cannot end motherhood, which also begins at fertilization. The child is forever a family member, either with or without recognition.

8. God is merciful and forgives sin, but sin can produce consequences that endure painfully, outside of God’s forgiveness.

9. Abortion extends to a preborn child’s progeny (offspring) and thereby impacts generations within a family line—future grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond.

10. Anchored in self-interest, abortion is without defense, except when deemed essential to save a mother’s life, and that need is virtually nonoccurrent in today’s developed nations.

11. Abortion is an ultimate form of child abuse, and research indicates that abortive parents are significantly more likely to abuse future offspring.

12. A wise lady (Jean Staker Garton) once said that to declare a child unwanted says nothing about the child but much about the parent/s. Pastor to counselee: “Do you see yourself as a mother who loves and protects her children or as one who rejects them?” or “Do you see yourself as a father defender of your sons and daughters or as a father who schedules their deaths?”

13. Abortion often imposes serious loss and unjust obligation on the aborted child’s current or future brothers and sisters (siblings).

Pastor To Counselee (inside quotations)

14. “If your child could speak to you about your decision, what would your child likely say to Mother? (to Father)? What would you have said to your mother and father if they had been of mind to abort you?”

15. “If you knew your child could hear and understand your speech, would it alter how you think about your son or daughter here in my office? Your child cannot speak, but God has said He reads our heart and understands before the words leave our lips. Do we believe that? And what do we want Him to see in our heart and hear from our lips?”

16. “Would you sell one of your children for great wealth? If not, then why would you abort your child and forfeit great wealth?”

17. “If your child were sitting in your lap this moment, would you want to abort your child?

Why should the age difference matter? We are speaking about the same child. Please realize, your child did not come from one cell; your child was that one cell and as such was a person, genetically complete. If your child were sitting in your lap today, would your child love you? Why would you abort that love and suffer the loss, both for yourself and for your child?”

18. “Which decision will you prefer 5, 10, 20 years from now—and at age 70 or 80 when you evaluate your years on earth? Will you prefer life for your child? Or will you prefer death?”

19. “The child you carry may be your caregiver in years to come. That is more likely a probability than a possibility.”

20. “Is the Golden Rule a good rule—‘To do unto others as you would have them do unto you?’ Please do not abort your son or daughter and bring bloodguilt on yourself. Accept the help available to you. Avoid deep and lasting regret. Do the right thing. Please God. Save and value your treasure.”

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Lifelines – National 24-Hour Free Calls


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