Defining the Pro-Life Pastor

America doesn’t need more ‘pro-life pastors’. Over 300,000 are serving today, and our culture is collapsing beneath an unconscionable scourge that’s killed preborn Americans by the tens of millions.

The statement above, in truth, is a fervent plea for pro-life pastors, if only the church in America understood what pro-life means. Anchored in Christ and the Cross, pro-life means humility, integrity, compassion, wisdom, courage, action, and resolve—which bond into unassailable love for imperiled preborn children. If the church garnered this love, legal mutilation of our youngest fellow citizens would cease. When, merciful Lord, when? Of urgent need in each local area are warrior pastors who love forsaken Preborns and will defend them sacrificially—pastors like unto Niemoller, Bonhoeffer, and Wurmbrand, Lichtenberg, Szeptycki, and Bruno—who refused the false security that lured most of their fellow clergy into ruinous détente with Nazi tyranny. Please, Pastors, hear the Preborns’ cries. Rise up and plead in their defense—in your sanctuaries, your streets, your city gates. Unite. Plan. Prepare your laity for battle. Lead as noble shepherds, that the Lambs might live.

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The Pro-Life Pastor:

1. Discerns the American Holocaust, its defilement of God’s holiness, its reliance on the church’s lukewarmness and passivity, and he discerns his pastoral accountability and duty amidst the massive shedding of innocent blood.

2. Knows preborn children are endowed with personhood, are God-given “gifts” in “the image of God,” and are entrusted to parents for their fulfillment—but, more importantly, to be nurtured in the worship and service of God and Christ Jesus.

3. Knows no Christian duty exceeds “love thy neighbor” except “love the Lord thy God”; knows “the fast” God prefers and that “faith without works is dead”; knows rejected Preborns and their progeny are almost wholly dependent on salt and light the church is called to be; and he equips and inspires his laity to serve rejected Preborns devotedly.

4. Knows Jeremiah 5:28’s warning (today’s rejected Preborns are fatherless) and his Good Samaritan heart shuns shallow pastoral priorities, self-serving peace and safety, pietism that evades grave injustice, and fear of either man or principalities.

5. Knows God’s call for procreation is vital to the church and that America’s pulpits must restore truth that apostasy has abandoned, including: the biblical meaning of pro-life; God’s primary intent for marriage and family (to provide God worshipful disciples); fertility management in the Christian home (regarding child aversion and pregnancy control); and the inhumanity of abortive contraceptives (that many Christian women use unaware and most pulpits ignore).

6. Knows abortion has powerful allies (religious spirits, apathy and indifference, pride and materialism, homosexuality, pornography and perversion, sexual addiction and disease, cohabitation, divorce, among others), and he knows pastoral leadership requires knowledge of biblical weaponry and a seasoned readiness for conflict, persecution, and battle.

7. Knows revival and cultural restoration align with 2 Chronicles 7:14 (only Kings Josiah and Hezekiah saw revival, after they tore down the high places), and he knows the church can defeat all adversaries, when cleansed and rightly equipped.

8. Knows God ordains into prayer limitations that require human love and action, as shown by the merciful sheep who feed the hungry in Matthew 25 and by other obedient sheep who "rescue those led away to death," as taught in Proverbs 24.

9. Knows abortion is a perilous national sin the church must end and that pastors must bond as fellow watchmen and, with their laity, build and utilize a plan to remove the high places that sustain the killing of local children—in each community, urban and rural, large and small, throughout our nation.

10. Knows the church must first repent, reform, commit, and then serve as the redeemed Bride of Christ and that pastors must fight in “full armor” until the “right to life” is secure for all Americans of all ages, born and preborn.

Steadfast and true to his knowledge, he is a pro-life pastor, and blessed is the city, town, or village in which he labors.


Surgical abortions (those officially reported) have killed over 55 million U.S. children, and an equivalent or higher number of hidden chemical abortions have likely occurred from artificial birth controls. For how long will we the church accept co-existence with a destroyer as ruinous as America’s legal death centers? Please, Pastors, proclaim, unite, and lead.
By Please Let Me Live – Life Chain (a Protestant led ministry)