Letters to the Editor- a quick reply is more likely to get printed - especially e-mail

Helpful ideas to get your letter in the paper.

1. E-mail your letter, if possible the day the story came out.

2. Stick to one topic.

3. Give your letter a title (the editor will probably change the title) and then repeat it in the body of the letter.

4. Keep your letter brief.

5. Refer to the article, opinion piece or previous letter in the opening line with the date it appeared.  Then make your point, give supporting documentation and a closing of what needs to be done.

6. If you can get others to write on the same topic, the editor may consider that topic worth some letters.

7. Don't give up!  Keep trying and you will succeed.


Students for Life of America – Guidelines on How to Write a Letter to the Editor


Pro-Life Letter Samples:





Sample Prolife Letters to the Editor (from Priests for Life)


A New Idea on letters to legislators: At a meeting hand-out stock cards to each person along with a sheet with suggestions of who to write to, their address, a simple example of the message - Please vote for bill ### because it will ... Thank you.

Have stamps available to purchase at 3 for a dollar. Try and get the completed cards back so you can mail them yourself. One group gives out tootsie rolls for each completed card!