Abortion a Gospel Issue - Scriptures, Articles and Bible Studies on Abortion


These suggested websites have lots of information on abortion and Scriptures.

!---->Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion - from Crusade for Life

Abortion-relevant References from Scripture - Pastor Randy Alcorn

Abortion In The Bible and Church History - Pastor Randy Alcorn

What Would Jesus Say About Abortion? - Presbyterians Pro-Life

Is the Bible Silent on Abortion? - Pastor John Piper (audio and article)

Pro-Life Bible Verses and Bible Links - ProLifeAmerica.org

Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? - David Pratt (Church of Christ)

Abortion and the Bible - David Foster

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion? - Betty Miller, Bibleresources.org

Right Choice What Does God Say About Abortion? - Damascus Road Ministries, OurChurch.com

The Bible’s teaching Against Abortion – Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Does Ecclesiastes say abortion is a better alternative than life awaiting some babies? - Pastor John Piper

Standing In The Gap Prayer Booklet - Crusade for Life


Bible Studies on Abortion

“A Christian Response to Abortion” - Crusade for Life’s Bible Study

A Pro-life Bible Study Lesson for Group Discussion - Pastor Randy Alcorn

Christian Bible Study on God, Abortion and the Bible - Compiled by Doug Britton, MFT

Life Studies - A Bible Study (Lutheran)

Lifeway - Bible Studies for Students from the Southern Baptist Convention sbc.net

Pregnant with Promise - a Bible study for all ages from Presbyterians Pro-Life