Christian voting priorities

Continental Congress prayer

Christian historian David Barton asserts that we will give an account to God for how we vote. Referencing Matthew 25 and Luke 19, Barton said "we'll stand before Him, and I firmly believe that He's going to ask... 'What did you do with that country I gave you? What did you do with that vote I gave you?' It's not going to be acceptable to say, 'Oh, Lord, I decided not to get involved in that....' You get in trouble for not taking what He gave you and using it.... The Christians' vote is a duty that they have to God, because He put the country in our hands, and He said, 'You guys take care of this until I get back.'"

Barton further asserts that Christian voters should make moral issues like abortion a higher priority than economic concerns, because "if Congress won't protect life, they won't protect your money." According to Barton, our country's Founding Fathers believed that "if you get your moral positions right, your economics will flow from that." Barton explains that one of the scriptures the Founding Fathers loved to quote was "righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14:34). "If you have bad morality, your economics are not going to sustain themselves, because there really is a spiritual base, even to economics." To emphasize how the Founding Fathers stood against abortion, Barton commented "James Wilson said that human life is protected by common law, and John Witherspoon explained that in America, people know that God creates life, not parents. Therefore, you can't take a life that doesn't belong to you."

"If you get the moral issue right on abortion, there are going to be economic consequences that are very favorable from that," Barton said. "We already know that if we had those extra 50 million Americans that we wiped out (and now nearly 60 million) we know what it would do to the tax coffers, what we would have in the way of income, what we would have in the way of the ability to sustain a failing social security system. But we got the morals wrong, so the economics are not working right."

Sadly, although a majority of the nation claims to be pro-life, Congress doesn't reflect that fact. "That's because when people vote, they don't vote their values," Barton explained. "We know statistically that among Christians, about 40 percent of Christians are not registered to vote. So, when you're looking at a pool of people out there, and you're saying, 'well, let's lop off 40 percent of us, let's make 40 percent of us not even eligible to have an opinion in the election.' Now you're fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

"But then, of those who are registered to vote, you'll find that in any given non-presidential year, voter turnout is about 35 to 37 percent. So, when you're looking at only 60 percent registered to vote, and you're only turning out 37 percent or so, now we're tying both hands behind our back."

Challenging Christians to take voting more seriously, Barton concludes "politics is based on who shows up. It's not based on what the nation believes, it's based on who shows up."