Abortion and fatherhood

fatherhood-adFather's Day is not only an opportunity to honor the men who raised us. It is also a day to mourn.

"The landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, effectively stripped the father of all legal rights regarding his unborn child," wrote Brian Fisher, president of Online for Life. "Before that decision, men were fathers from the day their child came into being, at conception.

"But, with the stroke of a pen, fatherhood jumped nine months into the future. Mothers, meanwhile, maintained their parental rights from the day of conception....

"Fatherhood doesn’t start with birth. It starts when we opt to sleep with a woman. And, despite federal law, our consciences testify that we are wired to protect and care for a child when it is conceived, not nine months later.

"There are also an estimated 15 million fathers who, for whatever reason, lost children to elective death in the womb. Men have failed their families and their children.

"The tide is beginning to turn, however. Men are realizing no one escapes the hell of abortion.

"We are waking up and realizing that children are killed and women are exploited.

"We are just now considering, though, that we victimize ourselves.

"Depression, guilt, shame, a loss of self, a loss of honor, and destroyed relationships are common male consequences of abortion.

"In our heart of hearts, we are coming to grips with what we’re doing. We are willfully taking the lives of those we are wired to protect.

"We are born to be fathers. Strong. Honorable. Self-sacrificing. Men of courage. Men of valor.

"We are born to provide for the weakest among us, and that most certainly includes our own unborn children...."

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