Abortifacient Birth Controls (primarily chemical abortions)
Abortifacients and Litigation Against Manufacturers Concerning Birth Control Pills
Abortion and Anger – Rage
Abortion and Crime
Abortion and God’s Judgment – Abortion and National Security – Blood Guilt
Abortion and Hispanic Americans
Abortion and Racism: Afro-Americans/Blacks & Eugenics - - Black Genocide/Race/Racial
Abortion and Slavery (Comparison)
Abortion and Suicide
Abortion and The Church
Abortion Deaths and Health Risks
Abortion Deaths vs. Childbirth Deaths
Abortion Issues
Abortion Mentality
Abortion Questions and Answers
Abortion Recovery: Post-Abortion (Syndrome) Healing and Forgiveness for Women and Men
Abortion Risks, Effects and Complications
Abortion Victims (Deceased) Identified
Abortion – Breast Cancer Link/Relationship & Contraception Link/Relationship
Abortion – Late Term (Pictures, Testimonial, Questions)
Abortion, Micro (Micro-Abortion Through Pregnancy Controls)
Abortion, Partial Birth
Abortions, Repeat
Abstinence and Chastity (Education and Dating)
Abuse (from Abortion) Litigation
Abuse and Cover-ups (of medical records and women’s deaths)
Abuse, Coercion, Unwanted Abortions, Neglect After Abortion, Abortion and Child Abuse
Adolescent and Teen Abortions
Adoption Issues
Adoption Programs (Adoption is truly a loving option to abortion)
Adoption Relationships
After Abortion
Alcohol and Abortion
Alcoholism and Birth Defects/Child Disabilities
Amniocentesis – Testing for Fetal Deformity or Disease (How Safe and Purposeful?)
Anencephalic Babies
Answers to Abortion Questions
Anti-Racketeering Act (RICO) and Abortion
Antibiotics – And Risk to Unborn Child
Artificial Fertilization (In-vitro): Its Morality or Lack Thereof
Assisted Suicide
Bible and Abortion – Shedding Innocent Blood
Bioethical Issues
Birth Rate vs. Over-Population
Brain Function Before Birth
Brain Suction Abortion
Burial (of Aborted Babies) and Memorials to Aborted Babies
Capital Punishment vs. Abortion
Charter of Rights (Canada)
Chemical Abortions: Morning After, RU-486, The Pill
Child Abuse and Abortion (Their Relationship)
Child Aversion in Church and Culture
Child Predators
Children and Abortion - God's View
Children Viewed as Prosperity (Deut. 28)
Choice – Pro-Choice
Christians and Voting
Church and Abortion
Church and Government - Biblical Perspective
Church and Local Abortion Clinics
Church Apathy and Abortion - Effects on a Church
Church. Government and the Bible
Civil Rights of Preborn Child
Cohabitation (Feeds a Culture of Death)
Collateral Damage from Abortion
Collateral Damage from Contraception / Birth Control (Short Term – Long Term)
Constitutional Convention - a dangerous idea
Constitutional Pro-Life Amendment – Purpose and Chance of Passage
Contraception – in contemporary usage Contraception and Birth Control are used interchangeably
Crying, Fetal
Culture of Death
Culture of Life
D & X Abortion
Death "with Dignity” (as Applied by Advocates of Euthanasia) NOT PRO-LIFE
Death Penalty and Abortion
Deaths (Maternal)
Declaration of Independence
Demographic Suicide
Denial in the Church and Society
Depo Provera
Dilation and Curettage Abortion (D&C)
Dilation and Evacuation Abortion (D & E)
Discrimination and Abortion
Domestic Violence and Abortion
Down’s Syndrome and Abortion (Their Relationship)
Dreaming, Fetal
Ectopic Pregnancy
Emotions, Fetal
End of Life: Medical Guidelines
Ethics vs. Bioethics
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (aka Mercy Killing)
Evangelism and Government