Burial (of Aborted Babies) and Memorials to Aborted Babies

Memorials to the Unborn - Burial of Aborted Babies


Garden of Hope Memorial 



Memorial of Mourning



National Memorial for the Unborn


Unborn Memorials http://www.unbornmemorials.com/


"American Holocaust Memorial" a website on abortion


National American Holocaust Memorial, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Memorial for the Innocents, Riverside, CA - Article by George Will on the 54 baby bodies found in Chino Hills, CA.


Memorial for Life - at Riverside, CA http://whiteaswoolministries.org/sample-page/


Everlasting Light Ministries


Cradle of Love - Suffered a miscarriage? Your baby can be buried at the Memorial for the Innocents – at Riverside, CA   Call 951-340-2663

Visit their Facebook page: “Miscarriage – Cradle of Love”

Several pro-life families also have burial plots near the Memorial for the Innocents including Pastor Al and Judy Howard of His Nesting Place.