Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

 An ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy that occurs outside the womb (uterus), usually in a fallopian tube.

A baby who was almost aborted because his parents were falsely informed that he was a tubal pregnancy.
This baby was almost aborted because his parents were falsely informed that he was a tubal pregnancy.
 Many experts, even within pro-life circles, have stated that in such cases "the embryonic baby has a zero chance of survival." (Abortion: Questions and Answers by Dr. and Mrs. Willke, scroll down to page 145).

However, according to the Association of Prolife Physicians, it is possible that in some cases the outlook for ectopic pregnancies may not be quite so bleak:

...What is rarely realized is that there are several cases in the medical literature where abdominal ectopic pregnancies have survived!  There are no cases of ectopic pregnancies in a fallopian tube surviving, but several large studies have confirmed that time and patience will allow for spontaneous regression of the tubal ectopic pregnancy the vast majority of the time....

However, if through careful follow-up it is determined that the ectopic pregnancy does not spontaneously resolve and the mother’s symptoms worsen, surgery may become necessary to save the mother’s life.... the death of the unborn baby is unavoidable and unintentional.

A chemical abortion with a medicine called methotrexate is often recommended by physicians to patients with early tubal ectopic pregnancies, when the baby may still be alive, to decrease the chances of a surgical alternative being necessary later, but we have found this to be an unnecessary risk to human life....  [Details relating to the case of a pro-life woman whose uterine baby died unnecessarily due to the use of methotrexate are provided here in the original article.] 

It is only ethical to remove the tubal pregnancy if spontaneous resolution does not occur after watchful waiting and if the physician is 100% certain that there are no twins.

- Excerpt from an article from Association of Pro-Life Physicians entitled "Are There Rare Cases When an Abortion is Justified?"


If a woman seeks counsel relating to an ectopic pregnancy, it is a matter for urgent prayer. In addition, a second opinion from a pro-life medical provider is essential, as some women have been convinced to abort their babies based upon erroneous reports that their baby was an ectopic pregnancy.

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