Pro-abortion (Pro-Choice) Violence

Pro-Choice Violence, a project of Human Life International, documents cases of violence by abortion advocates. The project commenced “when it became apparent that the media had no intention of portraying the opposing sides in the life and death struggle over abortion with objectivity and fairness.... News outlets energetically report the crimes (both real and imaginary) of ‘pro-lifers’ against abortionists and their clinics, with commentary that often depicts a “trend” of such acts; but routinely ignore or quickly gloss over crimes committed by proponents of ‘choice’.... Despite the media’s preferred story of the violent pro-lifer, the fact is that there is a great deal more documented proof of violence by those who defend abortion, especially by the abortionists themselves.... We need peace, and no more violence from either side in this struggle. And most importantly, we need to end abortion, the most violent ongoing crime in this nation.”