Church. Government and the Bible

Church and Government


I.   The Biblical and historical role of the Church in government.

  A. The governance of Man emanates from God.

    1. God establishes law and self-government of Man in the Garden of Eden. Gen 2:17

    2. Man fails to govern himself in the Garden of Eden. Gen 3:6

    3. Man fails to govern himself on earth. Gen 6:12  

    4. God destroys corrupt Man with the flood. Gen 7:21

    5. God establishes law and civil government among Man after the flood. Gen 9:6
         “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed;
          for in the image of God has God made man.”

    6. God defines the Law for Israel. Ex 20:3 – 17

    7. The fear of God, civil government, and prophets govern Israel by the Law. Ex20:20    and the following

    8. Civil government is ordained by God among nations for good and to punish wrongdoers. Rom 13:1-5
      9. The Bible is recognized among English-speakng people as the source of governing    principles emanating from God. “The Bible is intended for the government of the People, by the People, and for the People.” – John Wycliffe, as written in the preface of the first English language Bible (1382)

B.   Priest, prophet, and preacher are to foster Godly government.

1.      God has called His prophets and priests to correct evil through government. Jonah 1:1-2,
Jonah 3: 6-10

2.      God called His prophets and priests to correct evil in government. It profanes His name.
2 Sam 12:14

3.      The laws of God were re-instituted in post-exile Israel by His priests. Ezra 7:1-26

4.      God provides Scripture for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.
2 Tim: 3:16

5.      Pastors of churches in the British Colonies of America preached Godly government that prepared the way for our Nation. The British called them the Black-robed Regiment.

6.      Our government is founded on Biblical principles ordained by God as written in our Nation’s organic documents. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution

II. Why ending legalized abortion is the pre-eminent task of the Church.

  1.   God commands us not to profane His name through child sacrifice. Lev 18:21
  2.   God made Man in His image. Gen 1:26  
  3.   God requires justice for shedding Man’s blood. Gen 9:6
  4.   God commands us not to murder.   Ex 20:13
  5.   Abortion is pre-meditated murder. Ex 21:14
  6.   God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Pr 6:16-17
  7.   God will not share His glory with idolatry. Ex 20:3
  8.   God will not listen to our prayers if our hands are covered with blood. Is 1:15
  9.   God destroyed nations for innocent bloodshed and idolatry.   Eze 16:20-21
  10.   Legalized abortion is our national policy of innocent bloodshed. Roe v. Wade
  11.   Legalized abortion is a national policy of idolatry by allowing the sacrifice of
        those made in God’s image for other desires.   Doe v. Bolton


III. How the Church can regain its rightful influence on government. 

  Understand your civil and religious rights as a pastor and preacher.

    1.      Recognize that the “wall of separation between church and state” is a one-way wall
    2. to prevent government intrusion into the Church while allowing Church influence upon government.
  1.      Preach on the urgency of reversing our National policy of legalized abortion.
  2.      Establish a pro-life ministry in your church to end this abortion holocaust.
  3.      Compare the platforms of political parties on abortion, then register or re-register voters.
  4.      Provide your congregation with reliable Christian voter guides that address abortion.
  5.      Lead your congregation to city council meetings, school board meetings, and
  6. abortion centers to defend the God-given inalienable right to life.
  7.       Encourage members of your congregation to run for public office to defend the God-given inalienable right to life.