Physician Assisted Suicide on the March Again

Physician Assisted Suicide on the March In California Again

Compassion and Choices - formally The Hemlock society - has targetted California for another try at getting physician assisted suicide passed either by legislative action or by an initiative in 2016.  The pro-life community has fought these same measures four times before and will fight them again. 

 The history of Nazi Germany and the Netherlands shows that PAS is the path to euthanasia wherein someone else determines if you are to live or die.

Oregon legalized PAS in 1997 and safeguards against its degeneration into euthanasia are weakening. Psychiatric examinations that discount suspected depression are required before issuing a lethal prescription. They are decreasing. Oregon Health Services is tasked with monitoring compliance with regulations, but has no budget or authority for enforcement. Oregon cancer patient Barbara Wagner was denied cancer treatment but was offered lethal medication under the state health care plan, a death panel decision one might say.

‘No real safeguard’ trumps ‘Death with dignity’. For over two decades Californians have understood this and rejected PAS legislative bills and initiatives. However, the Sacramento scene changed dramatically in 2012 when the Democrat party added a pro-PAS plank to their state party platform. Californians are now faced with this formidable PAS threat.

Due to term limits, few legislators in Sacramento today have heard the compelling reasons given a decade ago against legalizing physician-assisted suicide. This educational gap will be closed with knowledgeable, qualified personnel visiting legislators. Such team visits proved to be affective in the past. These teams need to be formed and visiting newly elected legislators before they are faced with a vote to legalize PAS.

At this time there are only five states with legal physician assisted suicide.  Oregon and Washington are active. It came in the back door in Montana due to an interpretation of a previous bill but it isn't used. New Mexico's ruling is being appealed so a judge will ultimately decide and Vermont's response so far has been very weak.  Recently more states have defeated PAS than have won including Conneticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

Yes, you can help!  Please contact if you are interested in participating in a team, passing out petitions or want to be kept informed.