Evangelism and Government

Evangelism and Government

- Joined at the hip -

graham rally“Evangelism is our sole purpose and goal.” This is often heard from pastors and laity throughout America. But how many of the same pastors and laity make any connection between evangelism and government?

Just how important is government in bringing the Gospel to others? It is monumentally important. It is the difference between living in America and living in China or Iran.

The gospel message is preached in America because we are a nation governed by Christian principles. Our Nation’s birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, declares our foundational belief that God has ordained our unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Immediately following this profession is the statement that government is instituted to protect these rights. This is what sets us apart from the governments of socialism or communism or Islam. America's government is set on Christian beliefs and Biblical principles. There is intrinsic harmony between church and state.

As a result America has been the greatest evangelistic nation in history, sending more gospel missionaries into the world than any nation before us. How many gospel missionaries does Communist China with 3 times our population send out? Rather, we send missionaries to China. How many gospel missionaries does Communist Cuba or Islamic Iran or even socialist-trending European nations send out? Rather, they suppress the gospel.

One can have all the pieces of a puzzle yet find it very difficult to put it together without having a picture of what the puzzle is. Government is that puzzle to many. The big picture is whether a government embraces or rejects allegiance to God. Communism and advanced socialism demand allegiance only to the state, they cannot tolerate competition with God. Islamic government demands allegiance to Allah or you may forfeit your life. America uniquely combined allegiance to God and government because its government is founded on God’s principles. “No king but King Jesus!” was the rallying cry from colonial American pulpits. It transformed those British colonies into an American nation.

To be focused solely on evangelism and not actively protecting the foundations of America's government is shortsighted. Is this not picking the low-hanging fruit while disregarding prospects for evangelism by future generations? There may be a tip of the hat to our founding fathers, patriots, and veterans who made America possible and kept it even at the cost of their lives, but is the connection made between them and sharing the gospel with our neighbor?

So what to do? A Christian church should be as concerned with winning the election of godly men and women to local government and beyond as it is with bringing the gospel to local neighborhoods and beyond.

— Have you provided voter information identifying candidates who profess the Christian values preached from your pulpit?

— Have you encouraged men and women in your church who could bring Godly principles to government to run for city council and school board positions and beyond?

— Have you considered your church presence at town hall and school board meetings?

— Do you have a lay ministry group to achieve these objectives?

If not, you are letting your greatest ally in evangelism, our American form of government, slip away, perhaps in your lifetime.