Dear Friend of Life,

    Thank you for coming to this unique website dedicated to reaching the pastors of America. To get started you could order a packet especially for pastors. Send $10 (includes a book by Randy Alcorn, "Dear Pastor..." DVD, several pieces of material and postage) to Crusade for Life, 18030 Brookhurst PMB 372, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

 We have developed several models that you could try.  Please read them over and pray about which to try according to your own circumstances.  Here are four as starters.

A. Reaching your own pastor personally.

B. Reaching your own pastor with others from your church.

C. Reaching your own pastor with a Life Team.

D. Reaching pastors in your community.

E. A special article on reaching your own pastor:


A. Reaching your own pastor personally.

1. Preparing for a meeting:  Acquaint yourself with the website, especially the
boxes on the right and on the left.  These generally cover what is needed to become an effective pro-life church.  Also watch the DVD Dear Pastor... including the testimonies by Pastor Al and Pastor Francis. The Index under Resources will give you an idea of the scope of this website.

2. If possible order the Dear Pastor... DVD and give it to your pastor one or two weeks before the scheduled meeting.  Ask him to please review the DVD and then you would like to set up a meeting in a couple of weeks. (To order send $10 to Pastors Prolife Resource Center, 18030 Brookhurst St.PMB 372, Fountain Valley, CA 92708  This would include a packet of materials, website cards to distribute and the DVD. - If cost is a factor, please send what you can.)

3. Make copies of the material that you particularly want to bring to the pastors attention such as "7 Steps to a More Pro-Life Church" 7 Steps to a More Pro-Life Church and Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion  Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion and order brochures such as "What Every Christian Needs To Know About Abortion"  What Every Christian Needs To Know About Abortion  (This brochure would be in the packet you can order.)

4. When you feel you have prepared yourself, call and make an appointment - ask for 15-20 minutes (it may go longer but pastors are very busy).

5. Make sure the pastor has a computer where he can view the website and the DVD Dear Pastor... or bring your own laptop.

6. At the meeting:  Go to the website - and if he has not previously seen the DVD show him Dear Pastor... and the testimonies from Pastor Francis and Pastor Al.

Give him time to think over what he saw as these are quite emotional.

7. From there answer any questions and go on to other parts of the website, handing out material as you go along.  Point out to him the different parts such as the index, all the links on The 7 Seps to a More Pro-Life Church, the sample sermons, and suggestions for counseling pregnant women and post abortion women.   

 8. After he has seen what is available ask if you could have a follow-up meeting in a week after he has time to go over more of the material and the website. 

9. At the follow-up meeting concentrate on the 7 Steps to a More Prolife Church. Try and have him commit to those steps or at least some of them.  Let him know you are there to help.

10. If your pastor is active in pro-life and wants to get other pastors involved, encourage him and offer to help anyway you can. There are speakers available with presentations - power points - for pastoral groups and other groups.  Call: 714-963-4753

B. Reaching your own pastor with others from your church.

This is basically the same as A. but a letter is written asking for a meeting with the signatures of up to six others from the church who are going to attend the meeting. Or just verbally mention that a group from the church wants to meet with you. Then follow A.

C. Reaching your own pastor with a pro-life team.

1. Reach out to pro-lifers in your area and put together a team. The types of speakers would depend on who you have.  The order of  the speakers could vary. The church member who set up the meeting would introduce each person and explain why they set up the meeting. Have a packet of material for the pastor. (See A. 2  to order a packet containing the DVD... books, brochures and other material.)

2. Ask you pastor for a 15-20 minute meeting with a group of pro-lifers.  Each person has 3-4 minutes to give a testimony on their specialty. 

3. One speaker could cover fetal development given by a nurse or doctor. Use Scripture showing that man is made in the image of God and give examples where preborn children are mentioned as people.

4. Another speaker could go over the website and the "7 Steps to a more ProLife Church".       

5. The next speaker could cover the history of abortion and why it is imperative that pastors get involved.

6. A man or woman could give a testimony about having an abortion and how pastors need to speak out to help with healing and to possibly stop the idea that abortion is an option.

7. Be sure and leave time for the pastor to ask questions and ask for a follow-up meeting with the church member to talk about possible church actions and how you can help.


D. Reaching pastors in your community.

If you are trying to reach pastors in other churches in your area, here's a proven method to at least get them the material without having it end-up in the circular file.

1. First call a church and speak with the receptionist/pastor's secretary or hopefully the pastor himself or leave a message on the machine.  I'm ------ and I have some important information for Pastor----.  I will be sending a packet of material and a DVD Dear Pastor. Explain that you will print on the envelope in red something like this: Special Pro-Life Material and a DVD Dear Pastor. Ask the secretary or say in the message to watch for this envelope and please pass it on to the pastor.
Second:  Call back and see if the secretary got the information and if it was given to the pastor.  Try and speak with the pastor and ask for an appointment.  Some pastors require an appointment time even to speak with them on the phone.    Possibly you could set up a meeting with another pastor in the church.  That would be a start.

2. Always have an upbeat, positive voice as churches can be the most difficult "walls" to penetrate.  Persevere.  James 5:11 "As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered."  Pray and don't give up.

3. When calling and after a meeting carefully take notes - have a data sheet - including the names of churches (some change their names), addresses, e-mails, names of pastors (there may be a new pastor), other important contacts in a church such as: administrative pastor, social concerns pastor, pro-life leader, church secretary (could be the pastor's wife), youth leaders and so on.  Keep track of the date when you called the church, sent material, called back, had a meeting and general responses. Keep praying.

   4. A couple of additional ideas: A possible way to reach a church that doesn't seem interested is to call and offer material on the local pro-life pregnancy help centers - possibly a 1/3 size sheet that is handed out at the abortion clinic listing all the local prolife centers, homes etc or a local pro-life center's brochure. Send the material and then make a follow-up call. Did you get the material?  Do you have any questions? We'll keep you informed when there is additional material that you might want.  Is there a time I could speak with the pastor? I have other important material I would like to share with him. Try and set up a meeting date.
    Even if that never happens, you are helping the church and possibly saving lives by sending pro-life contacts and material. This might even lead to a meeting with the pastor at a later date.
   Another idea: Concentrate on the youth leader.  Offer to send him the DVD "180" or direct him to the website under Videos. "180" can be seen on line. Excellent for youth.  Again take him to the website for additional material and referrals. This could also lead to a meeting with the pastor. Keep praying.
  5. One prolifer got the e-mails of all the churches in his denomination. His pastor wrote a letter of recommendation - he and his wife had volunteered at the church for years so his reputation was solid - he then e-mailed the other churches sending the letter of recommendation and offering them general and current information on pro-life.  The pastors were very appreciative as they didn't have time to do the research and often used the information in their sermons.  He was invited to other churches and even to other states to give a pro-life messages and have material to hand-out to the congregation.(And now with this unique and extensive website - - it will be easier to provide pastors with material .)
  6. Encourage a pastor to reach out to other pastors in his area. (See A. - 10 above.)
  7. And finally:  Please let us know of any breakthrough stategies.  Pastors are the shepherds and this is the Church Age.  They must be the leaders God wants them to be if our country is to survive.  Any questions?  Contact:  Bev at  714-963-4753
   May God bless you in this most important outreach.