Web Sites (Evangelical/Protestant-Catholic-Pro-Family/Other)


(*See Afro-American Pro-life Websites (Leaders and Organizations) in Black Community)


(*See Youth (Teen /College Age Pro-Life Organizations)


(*See Pro-life websites and organizations-  A List of Prolife websites of all kinds and organizations.



Focus on the Family


Focus on the Family's Sanctity of Human Life Broadcast


Family Research Council


Anglican/Episcopal pro-life website


Anglican Priests for Life


http://bflpastorscorner.blogspot.com/- Baptists for Life


Eagles Nest, OH


Lutherans for Life


Presbyterians Pro-Life


Sandra Cano Testimony - the 'Doe' in Doe vs. Bolton - Supreme Court decision


Lou Engle: Calling Youth to Pray for America


The Call and The Cause – Lou Engle


Crusade for Life, Inc.




www.cpforlife.org - Christian Patriots for Life 


Task Force of United Methodists


Abortion: The Bible & the Church - T.J. Bosgra - author


Francis A. Schaeffer - a list of his books


www.Prolifeforum.org  Ministry of  Proclamation Presbyterian Church     




Stand Up Girl


Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod


Being a Pro-life Church

http://www.sohlnet.org/ Sanctity of Human Life Network



American Life League

DVD called Baby Steps

AudioGirl Ministries

The Evangelization Station – Victor Claveau

Catholics United for Life

Donum Sanctum (Beliefs of Catholic Church)

Human Life International Prolife missionaries to the world

Pro-Life articles written by Thaddée Renault

Life Issues

National Catholic Bio-Ethics Center

http://www.priestsforlife.org/index.aspx - Priests for Life

Vida Humana International (Spanish)

Catholic Vote

Defend Life

EWTN "Prolife Encyclopedia"

Pro-Life Issues

http://www.realcatholictv.com - Basic Catholic information

http://www.ignatius.com/index.aspx - Leading on line Catholic bookstore.

http://www.lifecall.org/cpc/il.html - Family Resource Center

http://onemoresoul.com - One More Soul – Great resource

http://cul.detmich.com - Catholics United for Life

http://www.cin.org - Catholic Information Network

www.helpersbrooklynny.org - Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

http://www.humanlife.org/abortion.php - Human Life Alliance (HLA)



American Family Association


Family Research Council


Eagle Forum


Concerned Women of America


Liberty Council Action


Coral Ridge Ministries


Focus On The Family


Religion Today - www.Crosswalk.com   


Life Issues Institute


National Right To Life Committee


“101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion” by Serena Gaefke


Abortion Alternative Alliance


www.strengthtosayno.com “Global Media Outreach”


A Pro-Life Response to Common Pro-Choice Arguments


Atheists and Agnostics for Life


Libertarians for Life


Democrats for Life of America


Feminists for Life


Birth Choice, San Marcos, CA


Born Silent (re late term abortions)


Christian Coalition of America


Christian Life Resources


Culture of Life Foundation


The Case Against Abortion


LoveMatters.com – excellent material on chastity


LifeSiteNews.com - Life, Family and Culture News




Center for Bioethical Reform


Susan B. Anthony List – more political


www.birthchoice.com/ Birth Choice Health Clinics - Make Your Choice