Spiritual Warfare

(The Christian Church Must Arise, Forsake Détente, Develop a Battle Mentality, and End the Killing)


Born for Battle by R. Arthur Matthews

· The history of the saints in every age is one of conflict.

· In warfare there are four possible attitudes—offense, defense, détente, and

desertion. It is the first of these attitudes that our adversary fears.

· A permissive society…faces the onslaught of evil with relaxed bowstrings.

· We should be ware of activities that do not bring us to grips with the enemy.

Everywhere Paul went his activities stirred up the enemy…like a roaring lion.

· Passivity towards our enemy is what the devil wants from us and is his trick to

cool the ardor of God’s men of war.

· Oh Lord! Help me accept the fact that I am born for battle.

· There are no safe battles—but there are no safe compromises either.

· God looks for a man through whom He may declare war on the enemy.

· We are as victorious as we want to be.... Each man has his own measuring cup.

· Jesus: ‘I send you as sheep into the midst of wolves.’

· Without God man cannot; without man God will not.

· For every provocation against God’s cause there is provision for victory.

—R. Arthur Matthews, Born for Battle-available from