Winning the battle for children's minds

Christian children across the nation return to school this month. Those who are enrolled in public schools -- at a time when Common Core is tightening its grip -- will likely be faced with repeated attempts at anti-Christian indoctrination. Even more tragically, the majority of children in Christian schools and homeschools may never learn the essential truths they need to know in order to effectively advocate the Gospel of Life in an increasingly totalitarian and anti-life culture.

Girl at school desk

Christian education involves much more than bringing children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If we are to follow Christ's key command to "make disciples" in the midst of this culture of death, we must be intentional about providing education on life issues to all who are under our influence.

Over the past four decades the pro-life movement "has worked tirelessly, attempting to change the hearts and minds of adults in the voting booth and in government," according to the group Christian Patriots for Life, but "at the same, children's consciences are not being thoroughly formed and informed about the sanctity of life while in Christian school. The result is that Christian schools continue graduating more voters and future government leaders whose record of defending life is often no better than the national average."

This creates a self-defeating cycle, ensuring that abortion continues to ravage not only our society but also our churches. Under Common Core, this cycle will likely become much more severe, with students being stripped of their parents' religious influence as concepts like sustainability pave the way for eugenics, abortion and euthanasia.

The words of the Prophet Hosea have never been more true: "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

Among the many resources available here at Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center, we feature several types of curriculum which can be easily be used as a supplement in any school environment.

Please spread the word about these important resources to educators and parents in your church, church school and community. The future of our children -- and our nation -- is literally at stake.

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