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Eternal Perspective Ministries Pro-Life Resource List

Abortion Alternatives and Support for Women

Adoption Resources

Postabortion Support for Women

Educational, Resource, and Legislation-Influencing Groups

Human Development Websites

                       Natural Family Planning Websites and Resources

                        Prolife Minority Groups

                        Prolife Law Firms

                        Prolife Event and Action Organizations

                        Religious / Denominational Prolife Groups

                        Medical Prolife Groups’

                        Quality Brochures for Personal or Mass Distribution

Brochures for Women Outside Abortion Clinics or Considering Abortion


                        Prolife Videos and Films

                        Miscellaneous Literature, DVD / CD-ROM, and Information

                        Prolife Products

                        Books on Abortion

                        Books on the Abortion Industry

                        Books on Prolife Action and Strategies

                        Books on Women’s Counselors and Helpers

                        Books on Postabortion Healing for Women and Their Helpers

                        Books on Adoption

                        Prochastity Curricula and Abstinence Education

                        Prolife Speakers and Trainers