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Consider Young Mother

Consider, young mother, before it’s too late, You’ve only a little while longer to wait

Till your beautiful baby will come into view

In the image of God and the image of you...

There are those who would lay down their own lives for you, Who would lay down their lives for your little one too,

Would you shutter your heart to your own baby’s fate? Consider, young mother, before it’s too late!

Think, ere that life from your body is torn, Your baby, like you, has a right to be born,

There’s naught for you here in this chamber of death

But the cruel suffocation of God’s Holy Breath

Of one who is growing in your vibrant womb,

---Don’t let the abortionist make it a tomb! Your body is youthful and throbbing with life, And now bears another whose right to that life Is sacred as yours--do not let it die,

Give ear to Love’s whisper: “Fear not, it is I!”

Would you shutter your conscience to that baby’s fate? Consider, young mother, before it’s too late!

Be guided by Him in His heaven above you, Choose life and that Infant forever will love you!


by Chief Edward J. Allen, Jr. January 22, 1986