I. Pastoral Counseling for Pregnant Women and Girls

20 Talking Points for Pastoral Abortion Counseling

What to Do When a Doctor Recommends Abortion - for Pastors and all counselors

Biblical Inner Healing


Counseling Tips from one who is on the frontlines at abortion clinics:

In talking to a pregnant mom who seems to be receptive to the Christian faith, I have been asking them the following questions...
1. Do you believe God created the whole world, including you?
2. Do you believe God sent His only Son who was born from a virgin, to die on the cross for your sins?
3. Do you believe that Jesus was dead three days and then God raised Him back to life?
4. Do you believe God created the baby in your womb?
So...you have enough "faith" to believe all this, but you don't think God can handle the situation you are in right now?
I usually get positive results with this!

(Follow up with constructive suggestions of where they can get help.)

A valuable book resource:

ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments (book, Alcorn, 455 pp.)

Counseling Tips: Helping People Choose Life, Not Abortion

               by Fr. Frank Pavone, Founding Director of Priests for Life

Pro-life resources from Desiring God (John Piper's ministry)


The Case for Life by Life Training Institute

Top Ten Facts Most Pastors Don't Know About Abortion

II. Alternatives to Abortion:  Pregnancy Help Centers – Pregnancy Care Centers - Crisis Pregnancy Centers 

Pregnant? Need Help? Find a Center (anywhere in the U.S., state by state)


There Are Alternatives to Abortion – Priests for Life


Option Line - 1- 800-712-HELP


Pregnancy Resource Center "Heartlink (Focus on the Family)"1-800-712-HELP


Heartbeat International


Crisis Pregnancy Center Map


Pregnancy Care Centers – Finding Help in Your Area


Abortion Alternatives - abort73.com


Finding Help Fast - AbortionFacts.com


His Nesting Place – A Home for Pregnant Women and Their Children


International Life Services




50 Ways To Help Unborn Babies and their Mothers


Practical Resources for Pregnant Moms


Abortion Alternatives and Support for Women -

Eternal Perspective Ministries - Randy Alcorn


Resources for Pregnant Woman and Their Babies


Don’t Know What To Do? Troubled?


Care Net – a network of hundreds of pregnancy help centers.


III. Homes for Pregnant Women/Girls

LifeCall – (shelters for pregnant women and their babies, state by state)


His Nesting Place – A Home for Pregnant Women and Their Children


Liberty Godparent Home -1-888-760-5433


IV. Adoption Programs (Adoption is truly a loving option to abortion)

Free Adoption Services for Birth Mothers (scroll down to Adoption Resources)


Adoption Agency Ratings


Heart Gallery, Success Stories - Children


Heart Gallery - Adoption Information by State


Birthmother Blessings


House of Ruth, Calvary Chapel Downey, California


V. Crisis Pregnancy Care As A Church Ministry

The Elizabeth League, Church Groups Supporting Pregnant Mothers and Their Children


The Gabriel Project – Catholic Churches Help Pregnant Girls