Abortion Recovery: Post-Abortion (Syndrome) Counseling, Healing and Forgiveness for Women and Men (men at the end)


Pastor to Pastor:
The Pastoral Counseling of Those Involved With Abortion
from Presbyterians for Life


Forgiven and Set Free: A post-abortion Bible study by Linda Cochrane



Abortion Recovery International - ARIN


Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries - Catholic


White As Wool Ministry


After Abortion – Elliot Institute


Care Net


National Helpline for Abortion Recovery: 866-482-LIFE


Are you a Christian Woman Who Has Had an Abortion? from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry


Can I Be Forgiven for Having an Abortion? from Priests for Life site


Help After an Abortion from A Voice for the Unborn site


Article on abortion written by Dr. Koop in May, 1980


Dr. Koop’s request from President Reagan to write a letter re post-abortion effects on women   Copy of the letter


Revisiting the “Koop Report”


What Dr. Koop Could Have Reported


From Real Choice website


Post Abortion Healing and Help


Lumina – Hope and Healing After Abortion


Safe Haven Ministries


Ramah International


Healing Hearts Ministries International


Post-Abortion Help




Heartlink - a ministry of Focus on the Family


Helpers Of God’s Precious Infants - Catholic


Post-Abortion Syndrome Ministry – 12 Steps to healing


After Abortion


There Is Hope After Abortion – Project Rachel - Catholic


Is Post Abortion Syndrome for Real? The Extreme Cases


Effects of Abortion – Elliot Institute


Detrimental Effects of Adolescent Abortions – Elliot Institute


The Social Effects of Legal Abortion – Government study (not always prolife)


The Aftereffects of Abortion – Elliot Institute


Abortion’s Effects on Women


Post-Abortion Counseling and Healing for Men


Recovery Ministry for Men


Men and Abortion, Grief and Healing