Dozens of pastors ask city leaders to "protect human life"

Bakersfield, CA, August 16, 2012 -- The construction of a new Planned Parenthood mega abortion center motivated 38 pastors and church leaders to join together yesterday in an effort to present a "Solemn Appeal" document asking the City Council of Bakersfield to "protect human life from the threat of Planned Parenthood."

Solemn Appeal presented to Bakersfield City Council

"As a pastor, as a shepherd in a Christian church, it is my duty in obedience to my calling to make a stand," Pastor David Stepp of Bakersfield Christian Church said to the Council as he presented the document, with the motto "In God We Trust" prominently displayed on the wall behind the mayor.  (Pastor Stepp's statement has been posted on YouTube.)

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Our culture of death and the Batman shooting

20120721batman_shooting...We shouldn’t be surprised by this mass murder. In fact, if we’re honest, we’re not surprised. We’ve become almost numb to such reports – desensitized to what only a few short decades ago would have been unimaginable. Although no one is to blame for this man’s objectively evil actions but he alone, those actions are, sadly, a dreadful sign of our desperate times.

Today, children are reared in a culture that glorifies – even worships – death and violence. But brutal crimes such as this are not the cause of our culture of death; they are merely a symptom....

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Pastor calls for exposing abortion

tillThe 1955 murder of Emmett Till, and his mother’s bold decision to open his casket, was a spark that helped mobilize the civil rights movement, according to Pastor Luke Robinson.  “You’ve got to begin to pull back the covers and expose,” Pastor Robinson said, referring to abortion. “So in America, they don’t want to tell you--the news media will not tell you--how much, how horrible abortion is. They don’t want you to know that. Because if you know... what they do with women and the baby human that they denied... if you saw that, you would walk away.”  (These comments begin 21 minutes into the video at the link below.)

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Trayvon Martin: A pro-life reaction to racial politics

The Radiance Foundation (best known for its “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” pro-life campaign) has been encouraged to protest the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. The demands to step into the the fray have come primarily from pro-abortion activists (who ignore and reject all statistics related to black genocide through abortion).

"We agree that this untimely death should be mourned," responded Ryan Bomberger. "Trayvon was a young man who had an entire lifetime of opportunity ahead of him. We also feel that by blaming racism for the death of this teenager, in typical reactionary style, the public is missing opportunities to engage in a constructive national dialogue about race and unity."

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Massachusetts Forced Abortion Order Shocks U.S.

Earlier this month, a 32-year-old pregnant woman, known only as Mary Moe, narrowly avoided being subjected to a forced abortion and sterilization--at the hands of her own parents.

The story has outraged thousands on either side of the political aisle....

Moe has expressed vocal opposition to abortion.

- Population Research Institute