The Abortion Holocaust has severely depleted America’s moral awareness and likely threatens the security of our republic more so in God’s eyes than did institutional slavery. “Holocaust” evokes images of the unconscionable dehumanization and slaughter of Jews under Hitler, which caused the world to cry “never again!” We share the widespread moral outrage against the mentality that allowed such carnage to be suffered and the apathy of Christians who tolerated it and sympathize with the suffering of the Jewish people. We conclude that the dehumanization and slaughter of children by abortion is consistent with the use of this term. No other term adequately characterizes the incalculable loss, suffering, and accountability of Church and society.


In the years before Roe v. Wade, our nation's promiscuous and rebellious society paved the way for the American Holocaust. It was aided by situational ethics, feminism, efforts to dehumanize preborn children, and the development of new technologies for supplanting or destroying the natural processes of human reproduction. Local church leaders typically capitulated to the spirit of child aversion, providing little or no effective leadership against the culture of death. Deception propagated by abortion proponents, media, and the Supreme Court opened the abortion floodgates, resulting in a rapid increase in the bloodshed until over 1.5 million children were being killed annually by 1980.

The Abortion Holocaust now exceeds seven times the number of Jews killed by Hitler before and during World War II. Well over 50 million U.S. abortions have been documented since 1973 (with many more undocumented), while the U.S. abortion industry remains heavily subsidized by tax revenue.

The U.S. abortion rate has been slowly declining for many years, but the abortion rate among certain ethnic groups is climbing. Hispanics abort their children at double the abortion rate for White Americans, while the African American abortion rate is three times as high. Unmarried and low-income women most frequently find themselves under an abortionist’s knife. Almost half of the women seeking abortions have previously aborted a child. About 10% of the babies being aborted have already developed past the first trimester. Chemical abortions are becoming increasingly prevalent and difficult to quantify. A third of the states use public funds to abort babies, while abortionists’ fees remain relatively steady. National health care now makes public payment of elective abortions universal.

The severity of the slaughter has numbed the conscience of our nation and opened the door to atrocities such as embryonic stem cell experimentation—and even to live birth abortions. Major segments of the fragmented pro-life movement have lost hope for an end to the legalized killing and are content to snatch from the flames a tragic minimum of children.

Future Trends

America’s leading abortion advocates planned radical changes in many of these trends, as presented in a 55-page document entitled Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration, dated December 2008. It set forth a definitive plan for strengthening reproductive “rights” and “health” during an abortion-friendly presidency.

With proposed expenditures totaling billions of dollars, the plan’s proposals stoke the fires of America’s Holocaust and promote abortion around the world, eliminating many of the pro-life movement’s hard-fought accomplishments. The provisions of the Freedom of Choice Act, seeking to permanently enshrine the “right” to abortion in federal law, is to be enacted in clever segments, while comprehensive health care guarantees that the brutality of abortion is available to all Americans. The plan seeks to eliminate funds allocated to abstinence-only programs while providing millions of dollars for “comprehensive sex education.” Ensuring that judicial vacancies and key governmental positions are filled with pro-abortion activists is also a key provision of the plan. Conscience clause protection would no longer be available for pro-life professionals and more lives would be lost through increased emergency contraception. Planned Parenthood is building new abortion fortresses, gearing up to reap even greater profits at the expense of women and children, leading a trend of “large non-hospital providers.”

Ending The Abortion Holocaust Is America’s Crucial Need.

In recent years, monumental changes have shaken America. Abortion has become all but irrelevant to some in the face of job loss, foreclosures, retirement insecurity, and prospective health care rationing. But amidst widespread turmoil, ending America’s Holocaust is crucially relevant. Abortion is at the root of scenarios now coming to fruition, thrusting us into chaos through natural and supernatural consequences.

After aborting 50 million of our future work force, our borders are hemorrhaging illegal immigrants to fill this vacuum with no national resolve to stop it. The collapse of social security is a mounting threat due to insufficient contributors; and Islam is poised for historic inroads into Western Civilization, as seen today in Western Europe. If God sent His chosen people Israel into captivity for bloodguilt, what should America expect after making a bloodguilt of enormous proportions the “law of the land”?  We exist to end the abortion holocaust.