Church and Government - Biblical Perspective

Church and Government: Biblical Perspectives - Tax Exempt Status vs Politics

-Pastors and Government - Christians and Voting - Legislation and Initiatives

    Church and Government: Biblical Perspectives

Members Bible Study – U.S. Capitol by Ralph Drollinger (listed by permission)

 Wrong Views Regarding Christians and Government

 Are All Governments Evil and Demonic

 Should Believers Be Involved in Politics

 Biblical Support for Significant Christian Influence in the State

Church, Government and the Bible


Churches and Tax Exempt Status

   What Are The Dos and Don'ts for Churches?

Guidelines for Political Activities of 501 (c) (3) Organizations and Churches
  Alliance Defense Fund article, “IRS Rules Don’t Trump the Constitution”

(*See Legal Firms Assisting Pro-life and Churches)

(* See Legal Rights: pastors, churches, students, sidewalk counselors, protesters)

Pastors and Participation in Government

New Article: Evangelism and Government

ADF announces program of free legal advice and guidelines to churches, pastors, and priests

Should Christians - Or Ministers - Run For Office?

 Constitutional Protections for Pastors - freedom to speak Biblical truth on the moral issues of the day

Christian Voters

How should a Christian vote?

Sign the Pro-Life Pledge - signers include Dr. James Dobson

 Party Platforms 

Why it's a Christian's Duty to Vote from Wallbuilders

State Legislation and Initiatives

      Americans United for Life – Best source for a list of Initiatives from every state.

               – a news agency dedicated to reporting on pro-life, state by state


      Elliot Institute - Parental Consent and Judical Bypass Regarding Birth Control Prescriptions for Minors