A rewarding ministry

Pastor Fred Fies ministering outside FPA abortion chamberAs messengers of God, pastors are given the sacred trust of declaring the truth. We must take up the cause of the unfortunate and unheard--as Jesus called them, the "least of these" (Matthew 25:31-46). With this in mind, I sought an opportunity as a pastor to get involved in pro-life ministry.

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Hearing God's Voice

Pastor Al Howard

(An excerpt of a testimony shared on the Dear Pastor DVD.)

On a cold and rainy morning, Pastor Al Howard (founder of His Nesting Place Ministries) responded to the voice of the Lord calling him to intercede outside an abortion facility.  Standing on the sidewalk, he came face-to-face with a young woman who tried to get past him, saying "I have an appointment."

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Pastor's confession sets congregation free

Pastor Francis Anfuso

Francis Anfuso, pastor of the Rock of Roseville, California, confessed to his congregation that he was responsible for two of his children being aborted.

God used his pain to help set the congregation free.

"They're waiting for us to come clean, to provide a platform for them to talk about it as well," Pastor Anfuso explained.

Pastor Anfuso's complete video testimony is included on our Dear Pastor DVD.