Abortion is our responsibility

Abortion is our responsibility

Rev. Rusty Thomas, director of Operation Save America, challenges pastors to consider how abortion has damaged the credibility of the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation.

Foundations of destruction

and the responsibility of pastors

Pastor Rafael Cruz (father of Senator Ted Cruz) recently explained that the foundation of our nation's abortion Holocaust was laid by U.S. Supreme Court decisions a decade before Roe v. Wade, and by pastors' ensuing acquiescence.


But as the destruction continues, the Foundation of restoration remains unchanged (with pastors' voices being essential to our survival).

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Eclipse of Reason

Eclipse of Reason


Eclipse of Reason The Film


Trusting the wrong savior

In this one minute video excerpt, Rev. John Ensor explains how the decision to choose life for a baby is often the same as the decision to trust in God, and how a simple prayer Jesus taught points the way to the remedy.

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Abortion Films, DVDs, and Videos – some graphic

Abortion Films, DVDs, and Videos – some graphic 

(*See Alcorn, Randy –Eternal Perspective Ministries – Pro-Life Articles, Videos and Films)

(*See Drama for pro-life plays)

    Abortion videos are, without a doubt, disturbing and difficult to watch. When used with discretion and divine guidance, such images can be effective life-saving tools, and can soften many hardened hearts.

    God has often used gory, offensive images to reach His people’s hearts. For example, God commanded His people to observe the Passover by treating one of their lambs like a pet, and then slaughtering it. Furthermore, God told them to smear some of the lamb's blood on the sides and tops of the doorframes of their houses, so that they would see these gory sights every time they entered or exited their homes.

    The Passover foreshadowed the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, when the innocent Lamb of God would be tortured and killed, put on display for the world. It is hard to imagine a scene more grotesque, but this is the central image of our identity as Christians. Were it not for the ugliness of the cross, we would die in our sins.

This is abortion.



Silent Scream (Abortion shown) (Ultrasound of Abortion)

   http://www.silentscream.org/ (Website)


Silent Scream DVD, purchase:


“Tilly” movie by Frank Peretti, available at this website


Pro-life DVD - Life Begins


Pro-Life DVD - In The Womb


Pro-Life DVD – Biology of Prenatal Development


Eclipse of Reason ­ The Film - graphic late abortion

First Trimester Abortion (warning, truly very graphic)


American Portrait Films

   “The Massacre of Innocence: The Occult Roots of Abortion”


   “The Eclipse of Reason”


Pro-Life VHS Videos and DVD


Pictures, Videos, Techniques


Videos, Pictures


Videos on Line (ProLife.Com)


Abortion TV - Videos

Abortion TV - Pictures

Partial Birth Abortion Sketches

Pictures of Aborted Children (warning, graphic)

Pictures of Aborted Children (warning, graphic)

Face the Truth about Abortion (justification for using graphic pictures)

Pictures (warning, graphic)


Pictures (Black Genocide)


Are Pictures of Abortion ‘Hate Speech?’


Pictures (graphic)


Planned Parenthood Say Abortion Pictures “not real”


Hand of Hope (preborn child grasping surgeon’s finger) plus a variety of abortion information.


Abortions – The Truth – The Killing of Unborn Children (many subjects covered) 

New York Times Applauded for Showing Pictures of Babies Killed by Abortion


“Sarah’s Choice”, Pro-life movie


Website of movie “A Distant Thunder”



Website of movie "Bella"


Pro-Life moment during an episode of the TV show "House"



Website of the movie “Blood Money”, an expose of the abortion industry, esp Planned Parenthood


Jeremiah Films (Short Films:

   “MAAFA 21”

“Baby Parts for Sale”